Stream MassGeocachers started in 2009 out of a need in the state of Massachusetts. There is no other state-wide organization in existence. We strive to provide a place where all people involved in or interested in Geocaching can come together.

As the sole organizer of MassGeocachers, I have been geocaching for over 9  years. I am centrally located in the town of West Brookfield, MA and hope to some day form branches of MassGeocachers in the East and the West.

Without participation, we are nothing. Click on the "Contact" button above and get involved. We are always looking for help. Find us on Facebook via the like button below. Together we can make a better Geocaching experience for all in the state of Massachusetts.

The  mission of  MassGeocachers is as follows:
  • Introduce and teach Geocaching to new people.
  • Gather existing geocachers.
  • Have a central state-wide community.
  • Eventually gain non-profit status for events.